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Your Website is the Foundation of your Marketing Plan

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

You are probably reading my title and saying what? How can my website be the foundation of my marketing plan? Let me tell you it is. Everything starts with a website and ends with a website. You don't believe me, let me tell you a story and you tell me at the end of it, if you still don't need a website.

Over the past 4 and half years I have worked in the construction industry, meeting with contractors and talking to them about their digital marketing needs. In the beginning, it was always, "I don't need a website" or "need to be found online" because I get referred all the time.

“Are you ready to get noticed? Let's take your digital marketing to the next level. Reach out for a 30 minute consult today”

However, over the last two years, I started to see a shift and the same contractors who told me that, were the same ones reaching out, saying they needed help being seen online. Not because the referrals stop coming, but because the referrals weren't enough in a persons decision making process.

Your website is calculated in the decision buying process

No matter if you are selling a service or an actual product, the end consumer will indeed check out your website. A potential client will want to see examples of the services you offer or products. They may want to review your about page to learn more about the company they are investing in. Chances are, they may use your website, to find links to your social media so they can see what your customers think about you.

In the end if the customer feels comfortable with the information they find online, then they will go back to your website and either click your phone number or fill out your contact form. So as you can see your potential customer will likely start and end at your website, this why we say it's the foundation of your digital marketing.

Not sure if your website needs an update, or what type of website you need? Schedule a 30 minute consultation with me and I will identify,

how I can help you with your digital marketing needs.

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